Together with TUBEX, we have registered real PCR® as a brand name.

Real post-consumer recyclate means an energy-efficient process from recycling through the melting process to the production of new packaging.

A successful meeting in Freiberg with our partners TUBEX and Neuman Aluminium.

(from left to right: Oliver Glitzner, Managing Director – Neuman Aluminium Austria, Markus Reissner, Managing Director – PreZero Pyral GmbH, Leopold Werdich, Managing Director – TUBEX Holding, Andreas Reissner, Managing Director – PreZero Pyral GmbH)

The recycled material comes mostly from the German yellow bag or the yellow garbage can and is certified with ecoloop!

Neuman Aluminium acts as an important partner in the field of further processing of the recycled aluminium.

The Pyralu® is liquefied in the melting furnace and the liquid aluminium is cast into a continuous strip. To obtain the desired slug thickness, the strip is first hot-pressed and then cold-pressed. The desired slug shapes are punched from the finished strip. This is followed by heat treatment in homogenising furnaces and surface treatment in the final step.

The slugs are then processed by TUBEX into new aerosol cans. We thus optimally close a value chain and achieve 100 % Real PCR® aluminium.

In this way, we jointly create transparency on the market and security for our customers and their end users.