PreZero Pyral is capable of accepting any waste containing metals. Regardless of composition, size, strength and contamination, innovative technology can produce single-variety products. These products, converted from waste, can thus be reintroduced into the material cycle.

The processing is accompanied by a rarely enforced transparency between all parties involved. The basis for this is our Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) recording system developed in-house, which records all materials from the beginning and tracks them until they are finally converted into a product including mass determination during the entire processing time. This allows for extremely accurate mass balances, reliable inventory counts at all times, and confirmation of legally compliant waste acceptance at a glance.

The waste is heterogeneous in composition. To ensure economic processing, and consequently the payment of fair prices to suppliers, the risk of this heterogeneity must be eliminated. With this new system, PreZero Pyral is able to provide suppliers with reliable evaluation of the composition of their complete delivered goods, on the basis of which a fair and transparent settlement can be drawn up for both parties. The otherwise usual hand sampling becomes superfluous.

PreZero Pyral - Mechanical sorting

The process is divided into three material strands:

PreZero Pyral - Aluminium scrap

Processing of

solid aluminium scrap

PreZero Pyral - Non-ferrous metals

Processing of

non-ferrous metals

PreZero Pyral - Fines

Processing of