High-ranking visitor from the Far East: This week, Singapore’s Minister for the Environment, Grace Fu, visited us at our plant in Freiberg, Saxony. During a tour of the unique pyrolysis plant with Andreas Reissner, Markus Reissner, Jörg Reichenbach, Paul Reitemeier and Katrin Hoefer, we showed her delegation how our dual system works, sorting out recyclable aluminium and then treating it further at our plant. They were particularly impressed by our nearly closed-loop system for aluminium recycling AND the accompanying energy supply. This is because we use the thermal energy released in the process to continue operating our pyrolysis plant in an energy-efficient manner.

For the further development of this process we have been working closely with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the IEC (Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering) for many years to optimise our concept of synthetic gas production during the recycling process. Many thanks here to Dr. Roh Pin Lee and Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer, who also established the contact between us and the Singapore Environment Minister.

International exchange with future perspective

The visit to PreZero Pyral was a first meeting and an exchange on how the recycling of aluminium from household packaging could be brought into the current system in Singapore. Perhaps our real PCR® aluminium will soon find its way overseas as a sustainable recycling packaging. We would be delighted – because with our recycling quota of 60% for lightweight aluminium packaging, we are the ideal partner for this and convince with quality “Made in Germany”.

We grateful for the visit and look forward to the next international exchange!